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Hardware Kit

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

You may be wondering what exactly is in the $200 hardware kit. I have a list with the for sale item and i will be changing that photo to reflect this image. It is 2 wheel jack weldments with the arbor hardware for mounting the wheels, 20 cage to base frame & truss brackets, 4 Joist hangers, Lift bar caps, spacers and pvc T fitting for the rope attachment, 3 crimp sleves to create a door hinge, 20 cable clamps to assemble the cage and all the screws needed to build the base and attaching hardware. As well as a copy of The Low Tech Farmer with building instructions.(First time buyers only) I wanted to make building these pens easier and in case someone does'nt have access to the equipment to build these parts, i could help you get there. My apologies fore the increased price, it takes me 2 days to build these parts and ship, materials alone with shipping costs me $190.00 and that puts me at an income of $.25 cents an hour.

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