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Rotational grazing and cow shade

I had a 10 acre farm in Pennsylvania for 15 years and worked the land using chickens and cows to transform what used to be all poison ivy and weeds. I accidently covered about an acre with red root seeds that was in my chicken feed rations. Cows still grazed it off but it was quite invasive and out of controll. I didnt have much shade and cows like a little on hot sunny days. So I built a movable shade and buffet stand that included a salt lick, kelp tub and water trough I could drain before moving. Building instructions are in my book.

I even had an extra tub of water at each paddock to make sure there was plenty water for them on hot days.

I was amaized at how quickly my pastures greened up after regular applications of chicken, turkey and broiler deposits were made. I moved 18 pens around the land constantly adding nitrogen to the soil. each season brought more and more lush grasses. This paddock was all weeds and ivy when I started, thistles are quickly consumed by turkeys. Also pests are eaten regularly by the poultry for added protine in their diets.

This was an early spring photo showing early flush of grasses. You can clearly see which side of this paddock recieved poultry and which one did'nt!

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