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Buffers and Garden beds

I have a garden im building using chickens to debug and fertalize my new beds while my pigs till it all in 2 weeks later. im leaving a 5 foot wide buffer between each row to capture potential soil runoff then ill bring the chickens between each row later to side dress nitrogen into each walkway so the nutrients can leech into the garden without direct contact with the plants. I can then rotate my crops by switching the garden bed into the walkway every other year and seed the old garden in clover or some cover crop. Most farmers will tell you "cant make money on walkways" but I feel this will sustain healthy soil and reduce erosion. I will cover new beds with a ground cloth after weed seeds sprout to kill off the weeds then i can either burn holes in it to plant seedlings or uncover to broadcast seeds and cover with sterile compost. Less weeds this way, and no chemicals.

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