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The Rabbitat

In case y'all were wondering where these photos were in my book the Low Tech Farmer well the pen was not complete before the book was published. I did however include photos in my E-Book which will be available on March 14th 2021 so if you purchased the book already i have included this photo and am also going to include some how to build videos here on my blog site to help you build your pens. There is a method that you should use when moving a pen with rabbits in it. Every night move the rabbits into the enclosed hutch, close the door then move your pen onto fresh grass or clover. Or if you feed your rabbits in the morning, place some food inside the hutch and close them in, move the pen then release them onto fresh forrage. This will keep them from getting tangled up in the wire floor panel. The Photo above shows the cage being assembled onto the base frame. an afterthought to my origonal design where i formed the roof line. That was problematic so now i cut each panel and bolt them together using 1/4" steel cable clamps.

This photo gives you a perspective showing the access to the grass under the pens. Only having an open grazing area of 4X5 feet gives you enough room for about 5 rabbits. Some folks are concerned about my choice of horse panel and i will get rabbits soon and report back on my progress.

This may be the most versatile pen i have built so far also one of the best starter pens just for getting your feet wet. This way if you're not feeling the love at least you wont feel the financial pain. With a limited floor area this is what i would recommend for maximun numbers of different animals. But first remove the cage and lift out the floor wire. Heres the list 10 egg layers, 10 Broilers, 3 Turkeys, 1 pig, and if you use as a dog kennel make sure to powerwash the frames between species. Just adding a couple roosts will take care of the layers. If you live where there are predators or stray dogs you will want to add the solar electric stinger to the base of the pen to ward off all those vermin! Personally i like getting a good nights sleep and when that wire is on I never loose my livestock.

This photo shows how the horse panel lays in the bottom of my pen on 2X2 angle iron screwed to the inside, easy to remove for transitioning a pen.

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