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Bio Energetic Farm

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

Some people ask me if I was going to write a new book and my thoughts were to go back 20 years and write about a farming technique which took Lunar cycles into consideration. By working on 28 day cycles it seemed I could incorporate several dynamic forces into one big circle and this is what it would look like. Cows grazing on a pasture that has 84 padocks. After 4 days chickens will follow sanitizing the cow pats. Then 28 daty later grass would recover and new growth would begin. Now at 84 days cows will return for the 3rd lunar cycle. Starting over again successfully breaking all pathogen cycles. The outer rings Pigtillers will breake ground and till new beds, Raking out beds behind the pigs then watering and germinating the weeds then get covered for a few days with ground cloth killing weeds then uncovering to plant sucsession beds, 84 days later pigs return to mow down the garden following a harvest.Then starting the process over and over till weather stops things from growing. Turkeys along the perimeter grazing off legumes and anything planted to grow up the fences. and debug orchard areas. I started developing this system 20 years ago and a young lady filmed a documentry about it before i started working with pigs, its on you tube called "Homer and Drusilla Cultivate" check it out let me know your thoughts.

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